The Love Offensive is about getting your body and your mind strong, hopeful, and free so you can uplift other people.

At The Love Offensive, we do this through yoga, photography, and world travel.

Hi guys!

Thanks for visiting. Stoked you’re here. The Love Offensive is the soul child of years of manifesting my biggest passions: photography, yoga, world travel, and good people.

A little on how I got here…

Somewhere in my mid-twenties I knew my life’s goal was to see the world and make people feel good. I pursued that goal by picking up and moving to Seattle where I was a personal chef, trainer and spin instructor. I was broke as hell, but determined to reach my goal, so I got scrappy. I raised money and volunteered in other countries to seize the opportunity to travel. I’ve traveled to over 29 countries, mostly by myself, but never alone. All along I was taking pictures and one summer in Vietnam, I realized photography was a viable way to make my dreams come true.

With the help and encouragement of wonderful people in my life I studied and honed my skill at the New England School of Photography. From there I started several photography businesses – from families to weddings to senior portraits.

Meanwhile, I’ve been practicing Baptiste power yoga daily for 13 years. Through yoga I have found freedom from physical injury and pain, and slowly have started to find freedom from the painful habits of my mind. I am a 200-hour certified vinyasa Yoga instructor through Rolf Gates’ teacher training. Teaching yoga is an honor I cannot explain. Passing on the ancient tradition that helps to still the mind to find happiness is humbling, invigorating, and life affirming.

The evolution of my passions has brought me to leading yoga and photography workshops across the globe that focus on visiting beautiful places where powerful yoga is practiced and human connections are made through candid, emotional photography.

I genuinely hope you join me for a life changing and stunning journey. You will never regret investing in your personal well-being. I promise.

I love you guys. Thank you so much for all your support. You are my entire life.