A major pillar of The Love Offensive is celebrating people through the power of photography.

There is nothing I love more than getting to know you or your family and showing you how beautiful you are when you are surrounded by love. I have always believed that capturing candid, real moments of life truly lets people time travel through photography as the years move forward.

My family photography style involves spending an hour, or an afternoon, at your home and capturing all the goodness that will remind you of the beauty of your life.  For high school Senior portraits I try to celebrate the fearless beauty of someone just about to launch their lives.

No one has ever wished they took less pictures in life.

Camera Basics 101
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*Requirements: a camera and a sense of humor*

  • Get to know the camera you’ve been dying to use with this series of three videos.
  • With your camera in manual mode and these lessons, you’ll get the basics down so you can confidently use your camera in The Love Offensive courses — or on your own!
  • A low time commitment: The self-paced course features three  8 to 15-minute videos with short exercises to test your understanding.
  • Course is delivered via email with access to a private Facebook group where Tara can see your work, answer questions, and give tips and feedback.