Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat

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April 13-20, 2019
Yoga and sound healing retreat at Bodhi Tree Resort
Nosara, Costa Rica

Come along on this magic carpet ride of a retreat!  

Mickaela Grace and Tara Morris are fusing their sheer horsepower for 7 days: April 13-20 at the Bodhi Tree Resort in Nosara, Costa Rica, and we would LOVE for you to be there! 

Expect to arrive in Costa Rica one person and return home transformed: STRONGER, MORE HOPEFUL, GRATEFUL, and FREE! 

This is not a run of the mill yoga retreat... this is some juicy-ass Soulwork in the form of powerful yoga, sound healing, and EQ (emotional intelligence) raising alchemy! All in the jungle by the ocean in one of the most divine countries in the world! 

Every day of our 7-day odyssey, Mickaela Grace will weave together a program that aims to raise your emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and ultimately your liberation. She will use the jungle, the ocean, her voice and her instruments to help lead you to your own personal freedom. Through class teachings, partner work, and outdoor pilgrimage on the land, our journey will help participants release old narratives, traumas, negative habits, and stuck emotion while learning ways to heighten happiness, creativity, intimacy, intuition, and immunity. 

And to make sure stuff don't get too heavy, Tara will be there to help us get that shit OUT in daily power yoga practice to make you feel empowered, confident, grateful, and strong!

In addition to the work we'll be doing as a group, there will be plenty of time to rest and restore in the way YOU want to. 

Bodhi Tree Resort offers so much: 

Surf lessons, an oasis-like spa in the jungle where you can be pampered, a juice bar, and acres of beautiful resort land where you can enjoy every kind of fitness class imaginable. 

Take a leap of faith and join us. 

You will absolutely never regret it. 

This will be an experience to remember, that is for certain. 


All pricing includes 7 nights accommodation in Paradise, three meals a day, powerful yoga daily, and a variety of sound healing, daily adventures, and emotional intelligence raising magic!  For more information on what these accommodations look like, please reference Bodhi Tree's website

Single room:  $3688

Double room:  $2759 per person

Triple Room:  $2217 per person

Bodhi House:  $2856 per person
(The Bodhi house has two king beds; suggested for either 4 friends or 2 couples)


There are two options to pay:  Pay in Full OR Split your payments into three equal payments.

Payment Schedule

1. At time of sign up

2. December 1st, 2018

3. February 1st, 2019

Cancellation Policy

1.  First deposits (or the equivalent of) are non refundable. 

2.  If canceling before 30 days out, we will try to transfer your spot.  If we do that successfully you will be refunded all that you've paid except for the first deposit or equivalent of.   If we are NOT able to fill your spot, you will be refunded 50% of anything over the initial deposit or equivalent of. 

3.  Within 30 days of the retreat, all monies paid are non-refundable. 

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How long a drive is it to Nosara from the airport?   

2.5 hours

How do I get from the airport to the resort? 

Tara is going to attempt to coordinate a group flying in at the same time (ish) so we can all travel together.  If that doesn't work, Bodhi Tree can help arrange airport transfers. 

Do I have to find roommates myself or will you find them?  

Both could work!  Everyone has their own bed except for Bodhi House.  Bodhi house has two king beds so I'd suggest either 4 friends or 2 couples share that one.  

Can I come for part of the week, not the whole week?   

You can come and go as you please, but there's just one price which is the one listed. 

Do I have to be a practiced yogi to enjoy the trip?   

Everyone who has ever rolled out a yoga mat is just practicing.  No one will ever get to the yoga recital so we'll always just be practicing.  If you have never walked into a yoga room and this will be your first experience, you can expect to love it and be hooked.  If you do yoga every single day of your life and you're just going to be doing yoga in a prettier location.. then awesome.   We gotchyou either way. 

I have a lot of food allergies, will that be OK?  

Yes.  Bodhi Tree is used to accommodating all kinds of diets. 

Is surfing included?  

No, but you can pay for lessons or/and surfboard rental. 

Is yoga inside or outside?  

Inside, though we'll be doing all sorts of adventures with Mickaela that will take us out into the elements. 

What if I don't want to do all the classes and activities?  

No problem.   This is an adults-only trip so we assume you'll take what you need and leave the rest.